1-11-15 by dave

The dance floor was covered with 3 to 4 inches of fresh frosting this morning which was a nice addition for the weekend.  The medium density product seemed to stick fairly well to the old layer, but the steeper shots seemed to be a bit more scratchy.   The low angle aspects were the place to be with the cushion taking some of the bottom out of the turns.  It was customer appreciation day again today, with frosted pastries and hot coco for the early risers.  Here is a shot of Mr. Collins picking out a special one just for me.  DSC02424Traffic on the hill was very light with the 3” report not getting the faithful too excited about the freshness, but that made some of those lines, that could not be seen, offer return untracked runs. The Lewis and Clark area was just a bit far to go for most, so there was no problem stacking, racking, and packing the turns together.  That was a very rare treat indeed.  I got to the locker room at 8:15 AM and found myself all alone in a place that is usually bustling with excitement.  Very trippy to be the only one suiting up.  I guess I was a bit late for the early Trams, but still it was a nice quiet time to think about the day. DSC02423Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation overnight with more snow in the forecast for Monday.  If these temps stay fairly warm, there will be more medium density frosting for the morning session.  Things got piled up as it got worked over today, so expect some rumble underneath the new product.  The known smooth lines will afford much more consistency in the very marginal visibility conditions.  My car is needing some attention, so I must look into the issue in the AM.   Speed Safely!!

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