1-12-15 by dave

There was just a dusting in the parking lot as the morning began, but the sky opened up and began delivering a serious dose of the Essence all day long.  Snowbird reported 3” an hour, but there were times it was much higher than that.  On the first Tram there was 2 to 3” up on top and by 10:30 AM, when I broke for breakfast, there was fully 10” covering the same line I had done on first Tram.  A few light periods of snowfall made it seem like it was backing off, but waves of very heavy snow fell continued all day  long and was still dumping when I left at 2:30 PM.  Here is a shot of the first tower on the Peruvian chair taken from the warmth of the Forklift Restaurant, which in a small way shows how hard it was dumping.  The bottom was still in play even though the roughly 8% density cushioned the pack.  The areas of interference patterns were still lurking underneath the new snow, and in the very difficult visibility, made it a DSC02427touch tricky to deal with the rumble.  I was sticking with the known smooth lines after a foray into some static that sent me on a bee line back to the smooth.  Mineral Basin closed early as well as some other sections of the mountain that was loading up too rapidly.  Here is a shot of yours truly after my second run with the face shot blast still plastered to my face. DSC02426 These are the days to write home about when there are no lines and the powder is all time.  Tomorrow, look for overnight accumulation to set the hill up for some epic lines.  The Canyon will be closed in the morning, so keep an eye on the main site for info on the road opening.  I expect quite a bit of pressure for the goods.  Bring out your biggest sticks for the ultra deep.  I have to deal with my car issues, wish me luck.   IBBY

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  1. Robin says:

    Snow Gods: keep it coming and I’ll come home from the tropics!

  2. marie says:

    Takes one to know one. I can see the happiness in your soul ! Thanks for the hug yesterday !

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