1-13-15 by dave

It was a deep dose of the fresh Essence that fell in the last day.  Today was one of those days that you will remember Next year.   The Groomers were really carvy, but the show stopper was the off trail quality, where all lines were good to go.  Even the Upper Cirque was getting a lot of traffic.  The consistency was very nice and the bottom, though still a bit in play, was just a footnote for the most part.  I had to deal with my car issues in the AM, but, with some fresh parts, I was able to be on the hill at Noon.  I got the drop of the Powder Paradise sign line, where the full depth experience was on tap for the very few folks who were waiting for just such the occasion.  There was a bit of a high density layer on top, but it did not bother the turns at all.   The Sun cleared off for the afternoon session and I got this amazing shot of the Sun behind the pines.  It looks so surreal, like a vision of the Snow Queen.  Check out the crown.  DSC02434Tomorrow, look for unreal Groomers to dial in some serious lacerations, with the off trail still offering soft snow, though the harbor chop did build up and will require a soft touch or a full blast attack.  My knees need to use the soft touch approach when I hit that condition.  Road to Provo, and the Exotic Trees are still waiting in the wings, where the quality will still be like frosting a cake with a paper knife.  There was a bit of wind kicking up when I was leaving, so look for some wind affected lines here and there.   The hill is good wall to wall, and you will have a very hard time containing the grins.  Here is a shot of Dr, Pepper indulging in his name sake Elixir.DSC02431 One a day and the Dr. will play.   See you in the AM!!   Ciao!!

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