1-07-15 by dave

The warmth continues with a like spring feel.  After yesterday’s warmth, and the aspects that absorbed the heat, some of those lines were a bit crispy for the morning runs.   I was able to drive with sunglasses and the top down from the opening bell, it was so warm.  Out in Mineral Basin, the Groomers had been tilled nicely, turning up that cold snow below the surface, making that morning session a real treat back there.  The front of the hill was offering nice lines as well with Anderson’s Hill really stellar, with dry chalk dust covering the machine worked surface.  A big tip of the hat to the Cat Crew who are making each day a treat all around the hill.  Gad 2 was also a fun lap, adding in quick Zoom to move you back into the Tram zone.   It is so fun to use the high speed of the new lifts to make the most of the terrain from one end of the resort to the other..  Here is a shot that my friend Mike took the other day when the Sun was going down.  Great shot!!  -86Thanks Mike, we all do love this place.  Tomorrow, look for some of those direct aspects that saw the Sun to be very crispy.  They will need some time to soften in the AM, but there are plenty of options on the hill to keep  you rockin’ the morning session.  The off trail continues to solidify, with some continued smooth wind slab lines holding up nicely.  Other lines that have been getting better as the days progress are worth checking out to see how they are shaking out.  Interference patterns are still to be found on the hill if  you are looking to challenge your chops, but other sections are becoming smooth again with the traffic.  Curious.  It should be warm again in the AM, so dress for a warm day of fun.  Be sure to watch the Black Ice in the Canyon that has been lurking in the lower sections.  IBBY!!

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  1. Jane Williams says:

    Would it be possible for me to get a copy of this picture? I think it would make a great cover for a Valentines day card! Thanks and see you in a couple of weeks in the locker room.

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