2-18-15 by dave

It was cold again for the opening bell, but the Sun was shining brightly with a light breeze keeping the temps from climbing.   The High North was offering the best lines of the day with the Groomers right in there with the consistent feel.  Though it was still very firm, the surfaces got much smoother and consistent, with a light dust covering most of the corduroy on the front of the hill.  The snow guns had placed some Gun Powder on some of those prepared lines, that were velvety and sweet.  Regulator, had been covered with some fresh Gun Powder for the morning session, but it lasted all day long, keeping that line a go to option.   I took a lap, that included a trip through the Tunnel, to access the Mineral Basin after breakfast, and here is a shot  from deep in the middle of the magic carpet.  It is always a treat to take this way over to the other side, and they have a lot of things to look at all the way through.  DSC02602Tomorrow, look for another crisp morning with continued firm conditions.  Look for the tenderized lines for the best traction on those sections that needed a bit of help.  These lines will soften later in the day, but with the wind and cooler temps. it takes a much longer time to break.  The High North is holding strong and is not showing any signs of fatigue.  Smoothness is still what you want to shoot for as those other off trail sections are sketchy and difficult.  .  When I was packing it up for the day, someone had left these very vintage Mid 80’s Japanese skis in the locker room.  Here is a shot of those old straight skis next to my Dynastars.  Technology has come a long way. It is hard to imaging trying to work that straight side cut through a turn.  Thank the GRID that we do not have to go back to that.  Unless the FIS changes the rules in racing more than they have already.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!DSC02606

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  1. Matt says:

    First time at Snowbird, and love the reference to the Cave Analogy – it’s a great photo, and my son and I were watching our shadow on the lifts all day

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