2-19-15 by dave

There was still a cold breeze blowing to start out the day, but the Sun was working hard to warm things up and it did not take long for the crispy aspects to break.  Mineral Basin offered a fresh till of White Diamonds  and the adjoining Lower Silver dipper to complete the top to bottom rock fest that is that combination.  Lewis and Clark was also offering some nice fresh tilled lines that felt smooth on those first few runs.  Here is a shot of the Morning Crew gathered at the Landing to compare notes on the recon routes.  We decided to hit the front of the hill, where the Groomers offered fresh tills of the important lines.  The recent snow making efforts had been worked into the mat, making a marked improvement to the traction quotient.  -99Driving around the hill, taking advantage of the high speed quads, made for some fun fast laps that moved us from one end of the area to the other all before breakfast.  The day warmed up and the direct aspects did break, so I took advantage of the window to revisit the aspects I had bailed on earlier.  Nice to get the break, as it was just perfect corn goodness.  Tomorrow, look for weather to begin working into the area, as a change in the pattern is predicted.  This will be good news for all the folks who are here from the East to get the goods.  Here is a shot of Team Fast Eddie from Rochester NY., who were suiting up in the locker room and were excited about the day.  They were here with the Greece Arcadia High School Ski Club.  I met many members of this group all day long.  They were definitely having a great time, and it is fun to have them here.  DSC02608Now is the time to take a minute and check out your favorite lines and drops for the changes we have seen in this last spell.  It will come in handy when things get covered up by any fresh accumulation. Know the smooth lines, know the reefs, and know the landings.   See you for the morning festivities.  Dress for weather.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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