2-17-15 by dave

The temps. were cold again today, with the hill really firming up for today’s festivities. The Sun was shining, but that North breeze kept the air moving and the rise in temps. very slow to rise.  Mineral Basin called with the morning Sun, and the Groomers out there had been given a fresh till, so those early lines were really nice and smooth.  On the front of the hill, snow making efforts were being employed on a few shots that sent Gun Powder far down the hill, making those lines so sweet that I had to dial in some tight turns to get more of the added softness.  When it is this firm, any hint of soft edge able carpet is a treasure.  Regulator was also getting the snow making efforts, with long smooth silky lines that make that drop a real surprise for the morning session.  It really held up all day, but got a touch choppy in the afternoon.  Tomorrow, look for another brisk start to the day, so plan for that.  Mineral Basin can be counted on for a bright sunny dance floor with nicely prepared machine worked lines.  The front of the hill will remain very firm, however, there is enough tooth to get a bit of traction.  I was not able to really trust the consistency enough to really stick the turns, but look for some more Gun Powder for some deep digging goodness under the guns.   DSC02600On one of the Mineral Basin laps I was thinking of Plato’s Cave Analogy when I spotted this image of us riding up the hill.  The shadow was all that was touching the surface, but it was us and our more solid form that was projecting  this shadow.  It is all just shadows on the wall after all.  Stay Frosty!!

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