2-16-15 by dave

The temps. were quite cold this morning, with intermittent clouds, and a brisk wind to start out the day.  The question concerning which side of the hill to charge first was answered when Mineral Basin was seen to be offering the only Sun on the hill.  White Diamonds and Lower Silver Dipper had been given the fresh treatment, so the morning crew hit those prepared lines to start out the party.  That wind was really packing a chill, so a move to the front of the hill offered  some more nicely prepared lines that transcended yesterday’s feel on those big steep drops.  There is nothing like that dry chalky consistency to spice up a steep line.  The Snow Guns were working on Regulator, where beautiful Gun powder was covering the dance floor with a sweet feel that made each side of the hill a real decision issue.  Hmmmm,  which to choose. Heck, you can get both if you just keep the Tram pace.   Here is a shot down Range with some of the light flurries beginning to move in. There was no accumulation to report, but it was nice to see some of the real thing making a return, even if it was just some stray flakes.  DSC02598Tomorrow, look for more great Groomers to be ready for the morning session.  Be sure to check the Grooming Report to find any new treatment areas.  That dry chalk is still happening when it gets stirred up by the tiller.  On those aspects that were known to be crispy, fresh tenderizing efforts made those lines much more approachable.  The High North continues to hold the smooth lines, with some build up of dust to sweeten the ride.  Avoid those off trail aspects that have been worked by the Sun, and with the present colder temps., they will be a challenge indeed.  Conditions are still very good though firm, and there is a lot to get your stoke up.  See you for the next session.  IBBY!!

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  1. marie says:

    A “thank you” shout out to those that spend their nights grooming the trails. Making some parts that are very icy and dangerous, diggable. And most importantly, safe !

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