12-11-13 by dave

The temps were much warmer this morning with a full on inversion going on.  It was 21 Degrees on the peak with a 14 Degree Tram Deck temp., so it was nice to dispense with the full skin coverings.  The Groomers were full on corduroy rock and roll from the first bell, and both sides of the hill were sporting that velvet feel.  It was just a shade firmer than yesterday’s carve fest, but you could still lay it down like Ligety if you so chose to get serious about it.  There is serious talent on the hill these days, with folks laying down some very nice turns all over, as well as maintaining a huge pace.  Be sure to be aware of the fast movers as you go down the hill, as the pressure comes quick and goes by just as fast.  The Anderson’s Hill access opened today, and I was one of the first public to get a look see at the area.  There is widespread slide debris that has mared most of the freshness, but on the bright side the debris is very very dense and will now provide a bomber layer to cover the scree areasDSC01673 that populate that section in the early season.   Be careful of the debris areas and they are quite lumpy and bumpy. Of course this will be long forgotten as soon as it receives more cover.  It is nice to be getting more terrain open.  Tomorrow, look for another rock and roll morning with low traffic, reworked Groomed goodness, and a high energy start to a great day. Conditions are very nice and well worth the early start to get the most of the day.  The late afternoon is still holding up as well, with the smoothness holding up all day.  Here is a shot of Superior looking majestic, but lacking that solid cover it needs.  See for the rock and roll fest in the AM.  IBBY!!

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  1. Berta says:

    Did you make 12 laps today. With Gad 2 opening tomorrow, that will throw a wrench in the dancecard. See you in the morning.

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