12-10-13 by dave

There was room for ballroom dancing on the First Tram this morning and ballroom dancing on the perfect corduroy for the very sparse morning crew.  All the elements came together, with much warm temps that almost seemed balmy, consistent velvet on the machine worked runs, and beautifully clear skies to make an energized morning.  Lower down on the hill the Guns were turning out some very sweet cover that invited more and deeper turns to fully enjoy.  Once again, perfect is perfect, and that seemed like 40” of Zero percent.  Yum.  The wind was blowing strong out of the West, carrying transported snow to the hollows, filling in some of the lines with natural goodness.  A back to back pace was easy to maintain if you kept moving, but it was also nice to luxuriate in some of the roundabout lines to add interest and get a look at some of the variations.  Tomorrow, look for another great morning with excellent groomers to rip on and, perhaps, some accumulation of wind transported snow to supply some additional sweet options.   Just check out the lines from the Tram or the chair on the way up and lock and load.  The slick spots are all but none existent, making it fun to fully lay into the turn.  It has been a long time since you could trust the edge, and it is no problem to just let fly.  Here is a shot of the Mine framed by the mouth of the Canyon.  The air in the valley was clear this morning which is a beautiful sight.  See you in the AM.   Ciao!!DSC01672

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