12-12-13 by dave

It was an even warmer morning for the first Tram crew, who were ready for fun.  The pack is becoming a bit firmer as each day passes, with the lower third of the hill showing signs of the glaze showing through.  The interference patterns on the easily accessed off trail sections are becoming much higher amplitude, but well spaced overall, and the consistency of the snow pack is still dry and chalky making good turns easy and predictable.  Gad 2 opened around 11AM with much excitement and an expectant crowd who were on hand for the new ride.  It is a beautiful chair, quiet, fast and a fully space age look.  Here are two shots of the lift from when I got there around Noon.  They reprofiled sections of lower Bananas, which offers a much longer consistent line from the middle of that part of the hill.  Nice touch.  As the Sun rose in the sky it became very balmy indeed, making the afternoon session  very laid back.  The cold seems to make things feel a bit frenetic, but when the heat is on it feels so casual.  Catch a chair, go to the Tram, whatever moves you.  When it is very cold the Tram gives a bit of a reprieve from the bite.   My nose is pealing nicely after that frost bite I got last last week in the ultra cold.  Another way to get a derm abrasion I guess.  Tomorrow, look for another good day for back to back vertical, continuing warm temps, and great early season session on the hill.DSC01674 DSC01679  Be aware of the Black Ice that is now cropping up in the lower Canyon.  It is tough to see, so expect it as you drive up and down..  See you for the fast laps in the AM.  Peace Out!!

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