12-13-13 by dave

After  a string of blue bird days, this morning featured a high cloud deck that flattened the light, making the details difficult to see.  The hill is becoming increasingly firm, but the Snow Guns are working on both sides of the hill, providing some of very nice silky lines as they stretch out under the wash.  I was slowing down as I got into that sweet feeling dust to get as much as I could.  Traffic was light and a solid back to back pace was easy to keep, but there was no time to spare if you wanted to make each Boat.  The Temps were still much warmer than last week, but with the wind blowing, light snow falling, and the lack of Sun, made today seem a bit colder.  After that last cold blast I have been luxuriating in these warmer days and  I have still been wearing an extra layer.  I did not need to drop a layer today as the temps fell as snow began to fall around 2 PM.  Tomorrow, we may have seen some light accumulation, however, there does not seem to be much energy in this impulse as it moves through.  The Groomers will again be offering some very nice lines from the first bell, and the light traffic in the morning is a bonus round of fast laps.  I took another tour over at Gad 2 and am amazed at how fast that chair gets up the hill.  The new slope profile features are a nice touch as well, which will become most obvious when we get some new snow.  Here is a shot of an unusual light effect from the other day as the Snow Guns were kicking out some Gun Smoke.  Ciao!!-31

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