1-22-16 by dave

After all the snow settled over the last couple of days, the Cat Crew did an incredible job putting together top to bottom carpets of perfect Hydro Velvet.  The medium density product that graced the hill was the perfect material with which to build such smooth lines.  Mineral Basin was bathed in sunshine that made those big buffed lines clear as crystal and a tour of Lewis and Clark was rewarded with consistency that let you lay it down like Ligety!!!   On the front of hill, the buff job was incredible as well, with Anderson’s Hill offering a jaw dropping line of dry chalk that demanded a full commitment to the perfect turn.  ZOW!!  The off trail was beginning to set up a bit, especially those due South aspects that I was indicating yesterday.  Also, all the remaining areas that had been closed were opened, which let those who might have missed out yesterday get some of the great quality that was still holding up.  Here is a shot from the Red DSC03455Lens Line as I made the long traverse to the goods that awaited just around the corner.  Tomorrow, look for more great Groomers for the morning session, and some high overcast in advance of the next storm system that is poised to move in tomorrow night.  Look for some wind lines to, perhaps, be happening if we get some overnight winds, as the wind was really picking up as I left the hill today.  The hill is good to go wall to wall, but be aware of the South aspects that saw all that Sun today. They may be a bit more challenging than all those other choices. DSC03457 I did an interview on Alta Radio. Com this afternoon, and I got this shot of Superior looking fat just before I hit the air waves.  It was a live interview, but they recorded it, so it may show up later as well.  I am taking the day off tomorrow, so go get those awesome lines that will be on tap for the morning session.  IBBY!!

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