1-21-16 by dave

It was a clear Blue Bird day today after a long stretch of storm riding.  It was great to see all the fresh lines waiting in the wings until all the control work was done.  Here is a shot of a beautiful low angle aspect that will give you an idea of the perfect quality.  As areas opened, it did not matter what line you chose, it was guaranteed to be as good as it gets.  It gets deeper, but it does DSC03451not get much better.  The Road to Provo opened after Noon and only lasted minutes until it was fully worked over.  I went out and picked out a few nice pockets that had been left over, but I just could not wait in the crowd that was waiting for the drop.  I took a run with TEAM POWDER who wanted to know a secret or two, so I showed them two of the real treasures that I saved. DSC03448We all got some perfect untracked lines in the Pines and Aspens that were absolutely sublime in the bright Sun that bathed the dance floor.  I enjoyed this run immensely.  Thanks Ladies.  Tomorrow, look for excellent left over crud that held up well with the cool temps, however, I did detect a bit of manke beginning to happen on the direct South aspects due to the Sun getting up just a bit higher in the sky these days.  Still, the hill is great wall to wall with great cover and much more reliable lines with all this new product.  There is one more area waiting in the wings, so we will have to see how that shakes out tomorrow. DSC03453 Here is one last shot of the unblemished beauty that was delivered during this last installment.  Speed Safely!!

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  1. thiel says:

    Dave buddy. Got chamonix bowl and my son. Right at the sign being turned to the aspect underneath the cliffs. No one there but the three of us. Snow a bit stiff but it was truly great. Nobody knew. Except me.because the private playground we discussed earlier still exists. Then ran into ed jacobs and ira on the summit. Back in the saddle bro.secret stashes still exist if you know where and when to look. It isnt luck. Luck is the residue of design.

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