1-23-16 by dave

As I write this post the rain is pelting the skin of the Trailer with a relentless patter that is sending me to sleep.  Up on the hill, that translates to more Essence coming to add to the very nice pack that has been building up this last cycle.  Today was a bit of a flat light day as the high cloud deck moved in ahead of the system.  The Groomers were offering the guaranteed smooth lines, and if they were anything like yesterday, and I do believe they were, that was the place to find the full carve mode we have been seeking.  I hearken back to the early part of the season when any traction at all was a plus, and now we can trust that high edge angle turn to hold up with no slip or slide, unless of course you are trying to dial back the G’s.  Here is a shot I took the other day of the Valley as the clouds parted for just a minute.  That was about all the visibility that day would offer.  DSC03421Tomorrow, you can expect added goodness to the dance floor, and how much we will get is anyone’s guess, but I think it will make for yet another stellar day of snow sport sliding, and I am unanimous in that.  The Groomed lines will still be offering the dead accurate smooth, but off trail has been getting increasingly better as the interference patterns are mitigated by the continued installments.  There are still very large interference patterns in the deep trees, but the cadence is much improved and there are round lines to find.  Check the road report for possible restrictions in the AM.  I will be back with another first hand report for tomorrow’s post.  I had a very nice Rest and Relaxation day.  Stay Frosty!!

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