12-09-11 by dave

It was the first full day of Peruvian Gulch access for the season, and most of the traffic was focusing on the new terrain.  There was a lot of traffic exploring the off trail areas where the cover is still quite thin, but that did not seem to dissuade many folks from hitting the wide open sections,Peruvain opening as well as some of the deep trees.  That traffic will go a long way toward revealing those hidden hazards.  The main runs are being hit hard with the snow making that continues all day.  Those snow screens can offer some very nice gun powder below them, but they also can be tricky as you pass by.  I was taken out by the very last gun on Chips, as the gun powder was more like gun chowder, grabbing my ski, ripping it off, and slam dunking me full on the hard pan.  Doh!!  A good friend helped me up, as I got the wind knocked out of me and I was not quick to get up.  I am OK, but I will be living with the fall out for some time to come.  I was just mentioning that bit of caution just the other day.  I had bled off the speed before going though the curtain, but I was not able to hold the force field!!.  Keep this in mind as you approach the guns and expect variation.  The cover on the main run is looking solid, with only minimal icy sections.  Beware of the Lower Men’s Downhill Chute, as it is very greasy and required a very cautious approach, especially when populated with folks trying to negotiate the section. Tomorrow look for the traffic to increase as expected, though the  early Trams will probably give you some rapid fire laps.  Regulator has remained very nice in the morning, getting a brake from being the only run open.  Over all the firmness is increasing, so edges help quite a bit, but I am schmoozing the turns to spite the glaze.   I will see you Sunday.   IBBY!!!

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  1. Jay P says:

    Sounds like my collision with a mid-slope snowmaking valve at Nashoba. Hope you keep on carving.

  2. dave says:

    I did not hit the gun, I was taken out by a combination of the snow screen, the early morning flat light, goggles got totally covered over, the 4′ deposition of snow which was quite wet and sticky, and the cosmic confluence of energies to teach me an important lesson in the NOW!!! Any kind of altercation with snow making machinery should be avoided. I really tried, I had slowed down before going through the screen, but…… Doh!!!

  3. Bari says:

    I had similar experience in the exact same spot on Fri. However I did not escape unscathed. Sadly am nursing a seriously bruised (I hope that is the extent of it ) shoulder. Applying lots of ice and ibuprofen. Good news is that it does not seem to be getting worse. BTW I bought a used Epi and could use some of your advice on a basic/decent amp for home use.

  4. george says:

    wow you hit the gun!!!! how do you do that

  5. dave says:

    I didn’t hit the gun. I ran into the wall of voodoo that the gun was putting out. It was 4′ high, sticky, as the gun was blowing water. My goggles got completely covered by the curtain, then the glop wrenched my ski off, sending me to the mat. I had even slowed down to negotiate the zone, but it was not enough and it just was one of those thing.

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