12-08-11 by dave

There was a cloud deck holding the peaks as I drove up the hill this morning, but they all moved off for the first Tram.   Regulator was still perfectly smooth and buffed for the first few runs before the velvet was shaved off.   The overall consistency remained good all day, but those first few are special.  At 1:30 PM. we were treated to the opening of the Peruvian Gulch for the first time this season.  The coverage on the main run was excellent, with dry chalky gun powder covering wide open sections of the run.  The Snow Curtains were a bit tricky skiing through, but the relatively cold temps. made the new snow below them slick with a minimum of gabbiness.   It was such a treat to get some new terrain to caress, with many very well defined terrain features in play.  As we get more snow those definitions go away, so it is fun to work the variations, and explore the nuances of the path down the hill.  Off trail is looking promising, but the reality is that there is not much cover, so explorations off trail should be given much thought.   Anderson’s   Hill is open, though there is a rope line with a” Expect Unmarked Hazards” sign to insure you know that you are entering some very iffy conditions.  Personally, I would not be venturing out there because I know, and I am sure you know how gnarly it is,  and what lies just there beneath the seductive surface.  Use your best judgement.  Tomorrow, look for the added terrain to add to the fun for all.   I am sure the off trial will get worked, after which it will get packed out, revealing all the  points of interest.  It will be a rock and roll frenzy no matter what!!! BE there!!   Ciao!!

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