12-07-11 by dave

It was 25 degrees F on the peak this morning as the first Tram crew hit the corduroy, which was down right balmy after the first days of the week.  The machine work was beautiful, feeling velvety and so smooth.  The limited terrain makes holding a solid fall line a plus.  There is high energy coming off of every boat and awareness of the uphill pressure is mandatory.  Some folks are carrying some real heat, so continuous monitoring of the location and line of other folks is part of the first wave.   The smoothness held up all day, though the slick spots cropped up, requiring some float zones, unless you have good edges.  I was told that Peruvian Gulch is scheduled to open tomorrow morning after all the prep work has been completed, so it may not be first boat.  Extensive snow making has been going on over there, so  the main runs will be good to go, but off trail will be sketchy and certain areas will be roped off.  You will just have to be here to see how it looks.  I am betting on some fun, as well as the fresh terrain to toss into the mix.  I love Regulator, but…..!  The Canyon Road has been showing solid signs of Black Ice both in the morning and on the way down the hill.  There were also some signs of folk having slid off the road, so my feeling is that it is a required consideration up and down.   Be careful.   See you there dark and early.    IBBY!!!

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