5-01-14 by dave

As anticipated, this morning was a bit brisk, but I dressed for driving with the top down, and was chided with an ice cream headache to keep me humble.  Mineral Basin was offering excellent Grooming, with the feel dry and chalky on the nicely prepared sections of White Diamonds and lower Silver dipper to make it a ripping start to the day.  The front of the hill was very crispy and needed some time to thaw out a bit.  As I was working the steep section of White Diamonds I could not help but remember the times we climbed the Twins to get the corn in the back, and would dream of working the very line I was on, and now we have lift service and the dream came true.  The front of the hill started to break just as we finished with the Forklift Breakfast repast, with the sorbet feel getting started top to bottom.  Regulator was the last to break, with Mark Malu still holding off the warming with the cold air that seemed stay dry and fast.  Regulator seemed magical during that corn window, and lapping the Little Cloud chair made the cycle fast and smooth.   Tomorrow, look for another cold morning as the sky will be clear, so the timing should be similar to today’s break pattern.  The High North still holds the cold snow and has not been compromised by the air temp yet.  The cover on the hill is excellent, with no melt off on the Cat Tracks to report, so go with the line you choose, though be sure to avoid those South, East and West facing off trail sections that will be slow to get real.  Here is a shot of Regulator from a distance that gives it an interesting perspective.  Here, also, is a shot of the T REX that is always watching you as you pass by it’s secret cave.  It is very difficult to catch a glimps of this Watcher, but keep looking and you might see him someday.  Peace Out!!DSC02097DSC02100

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  1. Robin Beasley says:

    Good job Dave, you got the T-Rex!

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