5-02-14 by dave

It was a morning of corn goodness, as the cold overnight temps set up the dance floor.  Mineral Basin was offering the goods with great Grooming by the Cat Crew who left White Diamonds smooth and tasty for the morning crew. It would take until 10:30 AM to break, but that was a full hour earlier than yesterday.   There was some back country quality goodness in the far reaches, where the corn was perfect.  Here is a shot of Jake’s line down the last section of the run, leaving lonely arcs on this premium quality extravaganza. Here we have first tracks on the corn, when, just a couple of days ago, we were tracking out perfect powder. Wow!!  On the front side it did not take long for the thaw to set in, and it was important to get as much of the sorbet feel as you could before the sticky feel cropped up.  Regulator was excellent when it got the break, and the Little Cloud Chair made it a fast lap.  Mark Malu went off last and held the smooth all day long.  Tomorrow, look for another great corn morning, but it will go fast as it should be a bit warmer yet, and will break sooner.  Cover is still great, with no issues anywhere on the hill.  I will be taking the day off tomorrow to rest up for the next week coming up.  Enjoy the goods and get all you can while it lasts.  See you Sunday.  IBBY!!-46

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  1. Bill Crisafulli says:

    Dave, it was fun skiing with you today!

  2. Dave Stallard says:

    Hey Dave, did you know there is a “Major Mudd” Facebook group? Might interest you.

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