4-30-14 by dave

It was brisk and Sunny on the peak, with the Grooming offering off the charts quality on all aspects, as the cold snow did not get damaged yesterday with the afternoon warming.  The High North was still providing dry cold soft snow that was still blowing up in the Sun.   The Exotic Trees were served up three days after the storm, and the quality there was absolutely perfect.  Bottomless, recrystalized, knee deep Essence graced the smooth terrain top to bottom of that area.  Here is a shot of Gadzooks that you will rarely if ever see, let alone ski, with quality and lack of pressure.  I just could not believe the synchronicity of getting these lines 3 days after a storm.  I just does not happen anymore, but here it was.  Yikes.  The cold temps were very slow to warm, and the quality of the snow stayed dry and cold, with only a hint of heaviness at 2:00PM.   Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be, once again, off the charts smooth and wall to wall shag silky.  The High North will still be holding the cold, but beware of the Sun soaked off trail exposures out in Mineral Basin.  The Groomers back there will be good to go for the first while, and the front of the hill will be good to go from the first Tram with no need to wait for softening.  It will be a bit warmer in the AM, but I would still dress for a brisk start.  Here is a shot of Louiser and The Beach Babe from Huntington Beach CA., who were getting the goods out in Mineral Basin.  They were highly impressed with the great quality and coverage.  They sure look happy here, and they were indeed.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!DSC02087DSC02089

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