4-29-14 by dave

The Sun was bright, but the air was cold with a stiff breeze blowing out of the North. Mineral Basin was the prime target for the morning crew.   Perfect powder awaited any line you chose today, lap after lap.  Here is a shot of lower Silver Dipper with two runs of our tracks there on the right  with no one crossing them.  The next shot is my friend Wep, who is out for the first time this season, and he got the goods of the day on these runs.  Staying ahead of the crowd and the Sun was the order of the day, with any line feeling smooth and so consistent.  I just could not get over the quality, which the cold air and afternoon clouds help keep soft and light.  Only in the late afternoon did some of the aspects begin to show signs of Mank.  The High North escaped the Sun, so it will still be offering Winter  goodness in the AM.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be off the charts perfect, with dry chalky buff top to bottom.  The off trail will still be good to go all over the hill,  but be aware that those exposures in Mineral Basin, that got direct Sun, will be a bit tricky.  With a 119” base the coverage is very good, but watch the break overs  where reefs might be lurking. DSC02068DSC02071  Look to the guts for the deepest accumultions.  It should be another sunny day, but I suspect a cold morning again, so be sure to dress for the cold.  What a treat to have mid Winter conditions this late in April.   Peace Out!!

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  1. slaag master says:

    Dave is the man!!! and this report is on the modest side!!!

  2. Tom says:

    Dave: Great recap. West Cirque was golden, windblown goodness from Restaurant Chutes to Wilba. Had to sacrifice some P-Tex along the way, but for late April, top-notch.

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