4-28-14 by dave

It was another full Winter day, with 10” of fresh Essence covering the hill, full storm conditions, and the perfect density to make this day like it was Mid Winter.   The medium density grauple had enough heft to cushion the old layer, which only came into play very rarely.   The Faithful, once again, showed up in full force to partake of this late Spring extravaganza.  A delayed start, backed up the Tram line, but The Peruvian Express was fired up to supplement the uphill capacity.  Once things got going, everyone was getting as  much as possible as fast as possible, but the Lake Effect kicked in and began to build up the depth with very light density Fluffulecence, that made all exposures on the hill good to go.  I ventured out the traverses and found excellence, where just days before I had written those areas off for the season.  I found myself returning to the far reaches again and again to get the goods.  Even after areas got skied out, the crud was smooth and consistent with no weirdness to deal with.  What a metamorphosis today was.   I ran out of gas as at 3:00PM, but the conditions kept getting better as the Lake Effect was still engaged and dumping.  Tomorrow, look for the areas that were closed today to be in play, the off trail to still be good to go wall to wall, and the Groomers to be offering the velvet touch once again.  You will be racing the Sun in the AM. to stay ahead of the damage that is sure to occur as the day progresses.  The hill is good to go, no cautionary advisories, and there will be a full Winter feel to the morning session.  Be sure to dress for morning cold, but layer up so you can drop them as the day heats up.  A very nice Corn Cycle is in the cards for later this week.  That is the best of both worlds.  Here is a shot of the expectant crowd waiting at the Peruvian Chair.  I went to the Forklift Chair to await the opening and get fired up for the  after breakfast  session.  Stay Frosty!!DSC02067

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