12-10-16 by dave

This series of storms seems to be very slow in getting the goods going.  Overnight, not much accumulation on the hill, but still there was a fresh coating for the expectant faithful.  High density product was just the thing to build base and make the consistency smooth, thought the old layer was still in play where the wind thinned out the cover. Here is a shot from my friend Mikeimg_9846took on his first line down South Chute.. That looks pretty tasty to me, but it is still thin out there.  The wind was offering up free refills on the Gad side of the hill, which certain lines there worth the wait for the Tram.  Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation to be a feature, as it is raining hard here at the Trailer and that translates as dumpage up on the hill. Flurries will continue in the AM. but we may see some clearing later.  Expect a lot of pressure on the hill with all the new snow.  dsc04144I came across this wrangler coming off the hill with a very large stetson.  He was stoked to be enjoying all the new snow and was having a really good time.  I love it when the folks get into the spirit and  let their flag fly.  Check the Bird site in the AM for road restrictions and hill access.  I will be back up on the hill first thing, so I will have a first hand report for tomorrow.  IBBY!!

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