12-09-16 by dave

The faithful had high anticipation for the storm that had been predicted to move in.  There was 4 to 5” of fresh high density Essence that covered the rasty off trail, making it much more approachable.  Snow was falling for the morning session, but did not accumulate as anticipated.  The Sun actually made an appearance off and on all afternoon.  Here is a shot of the Salt Lake dsc04148Twins being illuminated by one of those windows.  The storm is still on the way and looking juicy, with fairly high accumulation predictions.  We will just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.  The Cirque Traverse opened today as well as Gad 2, so there is a lot of new terrain to check out.  If there is significant accumulation, those areas may re close again.  The Cirque offered very nice soft frosting that felt perfect underfoot, and had just the right amount of resistance to make the turns feel effortless.  Tomorrow, look for a full on storm riding day, with a lot of accumulation during the day.  There should be high traffic to get the goods after today’s short depth.  Still, the conditions continue to build into a very consistent excellence that will only get better with additional depth.  I expect a very nice cycle to give us a, perhaps, legendary scenario.  Have fun, as I will be taking the day off to recover from a big week of vertical.  Stay Frosty!!

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