12-08-16 by dave

Light snow was falling for the morning session and continued throughout the day. There was very light traffic on the Tram with walk on easy making it a breeze to do back to back laps.  The snow guns were turning out some very nice product that felt velvety smooth under foot.   I was dialing in some slow deep turns to extract maximum juice from each arc.  Both sides of the hill were similar in consistency with groomed smooth lines that were offering fun cruising all day long.  There was little or no build up of cross chop, which was a treat when the legs started to feel the burn.  The Forklift recon meeting was a great time, as new faces arrived to get the low down on how the hill was shaping up.  Here is a great shot of the folks who make that place special.  dsc04142Tomorrow, look for snow all day long.  The forecast is for a long cycle setting up, so dress for storm riding and expect very limited visibility.  Check the Bird site for specific updates on the access.  The hill is in great shape for this next installment, and this will really push the quality up and off the charts.  Exciting times indeed.  The off trail may be getting a bit more manageable with some soft snow on top.  I will be rechecking the aspects to get a better read on the developments as the weather kicks in.  IBBY!!

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