12-07-16 by dave

There was a few inches of fresh, very cold snow on the hill this  morning, which made for some very slow going as the snow dragged with the cold.  Wax may have helped if you had the right combination, but I was running with no wax  and it was a struggle to get rolling.  On the hill the fresh installment felt smooth and consistent despite the drag.  The snow guns were turning out fantastic quality with the cold temps, and those untracked lines of Gun Powder was a treat top to bottom.  Here is a very cool shot that Neil got this morning early as the flakes filled the sky.  20161207_091953There were light effects going on all day long as these clouds would roll through the resort and filter the Sun.   I did a couple off trail forays to see what was up and found the West facing aspects to be quite difficult with wind affected consistency that made me glad I was just passing through.  The Groomers were offering the best lines of the day, and I was still getting un tracked Gun Powder later in the day.  I met my friend Donovan’s crew today on the Tram and caught up with them later on the hill. They represent a contingent of The Jim Dandy Ski Club.  Here is a great shot of them ready to hit the next line after I worked hard to catch up to them after they ripped Regulator.  dsc04141Donovan charges the hill hard and the crew was staying right with him on the steep lines he was showing them.  It was great to see them enjoying the great conditions.  Tomorrow, look for  more good sliding on both sides of the hill.  Look for those sweet Gun Powder lines that are stretched out below the guns.  The quality there is excellent and you can trust the transitions as you pass.  I went to Kazoodie’s Pizza Extravaganza last night to christen his new pizza oven that he built.  Kazoodie has been working on making the perfect pie for a long time and this time I thinkdsc04115he has hit it out of the park.  Here is the first pie coming out of the oven.  This oven is HOT as blazes and cooked that pie in very little time. dsc04123This is great apres ski fare in LCC.  It does NOT get better.  Don’t Skimp On The Groove Sauce!!

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