1-20-16 by dave

The rain was pelting the Trailer this morning as I headed to the hill.  In the Canyon, the snow was dumping in a very serious manner top to bottom, and on the hill, the medium density Essence was piling up fast.  High wind and quickly accumulating snow made the Regulator line off the top the only option, but within that area, there was plenty to keep the faithful interested with smooth sumptuous depth.  Traffic was very light, and there were walk on Trams as soon as the initial line was soaked up and sent up to the goods.  Here is a shot of my poles having plenty of room on the Boat.  The Gad Valley was fully open, and the deep trees were offering some very sweet lines, where the interference patterns were getting the full fill with all the wind. DSC03441The ferocity of the wind, and the high rate snow fall kept the refills fresh and fun.  There still were reverberations of the old static underneath the new accumulation, but it did not mare the otherwise silky feel.  Here is a great shot of the Carvinator as he made his grand entrance to the Forklift for the morning debrief.  All those face shots, snow shots, and wind shots add up.  DSC03440After breakfast the intensity of the storm seemed to increase, if that were even possible, and the hill was closed down, with a Canyon closure and an inter lodge situation.  I got this shot of a slide coming out of the North side of the Canyon after being persuaded by high explosives.  I heard the shot and took a chance that I might see a big one.  DSC03442Tomorrow, look for clearing skies, fresh Essence in which to dance, and lots of terrain that was not open today.  That combination should make for a very delightful day.  I think we can expect some added traffic to be on the hill, but here is plenty to get wall to wall.  Areas should be opening as the control work gets completed.  It will be good to go where ever you go.  IMG_2562As a parting  shot, here is a great expression of joy from Jocelyn, who was so stoked for a full on storm during a full on season.  It is much nicer to work the social media world when the product is so good.  See you for the morning kick off.  Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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