2-19-18 by dave

Serious dumpage occured overnight, delivering a mother lode of Essence for the holiday. Here at The Trailer, there was 10” of fairly high density snow, and higher up on the bench Tramrat logged 20” at his house. Here is a shot of the back porch he sent me this morning. The Canyon was closed early and the Faithful were in line and backed up ready to get up the hill, however, there were some issues with the road shortly after it opened and it closed again. For those who did get up there it was a powder country club feel with deep, blower, all time powder to fully experience. I stayed down here at The Trailer while I waited for a opening which never came. Rave reviews were coming off the hill via Facebood, that gave a full view of how epic it was there today. Tomorrow, look for more accumulation to have fallen overnight, so check the road report for access. Still, traffic should be big for the new installment. Temps. are predicted to be very cold so dress for the weather and expect continued flurries in the AM. There are areas that did not open today waiting in the wings, so there is still plenty of goodness to get if you, like me, missed out on today’s festivities. See you there for the powder extravaganza that is sure to please. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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