2-20-18 by dave

A lighter density Essence covered the well worked hill with coating that was fun and fresh. After yesterday’s heavy traffic, the larger areas had developed significant harbor chop, which made the ride a bit rasty, though the new snow did give it a bit of a cushion. Visibility was marginal and the temps were very cold with wind driving the wind chill into the frostbite zone. Here is a shot of a ‘stash that illustrates the explosive nature of today’s offerings. I have to give this guy props for a formidable mustashe. I was sticking with the lines I left last week that had still smooth surfaces and found pay dirt. Traffic was surprisingly light, with walk on Trams a feature after the crowd got pushed up the hill. The bottom was fully in play, and it payed to keep it tight to deal with the unseen crusty variations, as that old layer was peeking through. Here is a shot of the Morning Crew as we compared notes on the morning’s offerings. Out in Mineral Basin, the overnight wind worked the pack, leaving some areas of variability that were challenging. I opted to stay with the front of the hill to take advantage of the trees for reference points. Here is a shot across the Canyon as a quick opening in the clouds appeared. Tomorrow, look for another cold morning with some flurries continuing, so expect some visibility issues. The Groomers will be offering the best smooth lines and there may be some additional openings of areas that are still waiting… Maybe. The traverses are improving quite a bit, so excursions will be much more inviting. There are still hidden features despite the new product, so stay with the fat lines and avoid those high spots. As a parting shot, here is Team Jacobson, who were winding up a great stay and got it all. They are avid readers of the site and I am glad the got some of the best of the year! See you there for more snow sliding goodness. Straight Ahead!

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