2-18-18 by dave

There was big wind this morning as the front begins to move in from the North. The winds kept the Tram in the dock for the morning session, but the chairs and Mineral Basin was open via the tunnel. The wind was scouring the open slopes and it seemed the snow was in the trees. There were lines on the upper mountain that were gathering the available transported snow and were offering some nice velvet lines. I took only a couple of runs as I was dressed too light for the wind, and I went to the Forklift Chair to assess the options. Here is Team Haymarket VA., who were finishing up their stay and are avid readers of the site. They got the goods all last week and were enjoying the ambience of the Forklift. I so enjoy meeting all the folks who read my site and share in the stoke. Last week was great and this week is staged to be another big one as well. Forecasters are enthusiastic and the radar is looking wall to wall now. I bailed on the day to get down the Canyon before the front moved in. Tomorrow, look for a storm day in the first degree. Check the road access in the AM. and expect significant stormage. The hill has been prepped by the wind and is ready for a fresh coat of Essence. This is an exciting weather event and it is going to be all time. Don’t Forget To SIZZLE!!

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