11-24-12 by dave

I had a rough return from the Mother Ship on Thursday due to a radical outburst of Tachyon beams which fouled up the signal on return.  There has also been some issues with the server, so loading the site has been problematic.  We are working on those issues and will have them addressed soon.   The hill was in great shape today with a very light turn out for the morning session.  Smooth groomers were consistent and fun, with dry corduroy on both sides of the hill.  The upper North East facing shots are still holding the smooth that was worked in last Wednesday during the wind event.  I love that supportable wind slab which reminds me of the early years.  You have to love it when you find it.  As the day wore on the traffic increased causing a moderate line for the Tram, but it offered some time to chill after the back to back pace of the morning session.  The snow pack is consolidating nicely, with all of the features visible and avoidable.  There are some slick spots in the middle of the main runs where the  traffic is highest, so a line on the sides will find soft and silky traction even late in the day.  Tomorrow, look for another smooth lap fest in the morning hours, but there may be some overcast to deal with, but no worries.  Good skiing is happening and there is easy access to as much as you can get.  See you there in the AM for first Tram.   IBBY!!   Still having trouble loading the photos, so keep checking back.  I will insert them as I can.

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