11-25-12 by dave


Storm clouds were making their way out of the North with a cold front that was trying to get here.  The light was very flat with the high overcast, making the visual details on the surface very difficult to see.  Going with the groomers was the best bet, but some of the off trail features help with visual references.  The high North is still holding the smooth, though the high entrance points are becoming a bit more challenging.  There was a very light turn out, with only some waiting as the folks showed up later in the morning.  The Tram was running fast, and it was a push to make each one back to back.   It is good training pushing the back to back pace to be ready for the next dump when it will require all the bullets to stay ahead of the fray.  I have been looking out and about for some of the less traveled lines which are providing some interesting consistency as the snow pack consolidates and the wind continues to smooth the leftovers.  Most of the features are clearly visible and easy to negotiate, but still expect the unexpected when dialing in a new line.  Tomorrow will be a quiet time on the hill, but the conditions will still be fun with good dry chalky lines to practice the staccato turns through the terrain details.  Look for the groomers to again offer some of the best rides of the day early on, when they are offering the corduroy goodness.  See you there for the first bell.  Wow, the server seems to be letting me work. Here is one of the shots I have been trying to load for days. Whew!!  Ciao!!!

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