11-26-12 by dave

Little Cloud Chair

It was a beautiful morning with an inversion which made it very warm on the peak but quite chilly on the deck.   The light was flat before the Sun came up but clear skies let the Sun work the magic as it came up.  Back to back Trams were the order of the day, as it was moving fast and no lollygagging.  The snow making guns were working top to bottom on both sides of the hill providing some nice Gun Powder to luxuriate in as you passed each one.  It as cold enough to keep the quality of the freshness consistent and carve able all day long.   Over all the main runs are quite firm, but there is enough dust and softness to get an edge and keep the flow moving in the right direction.  Tomorrow should be another nice day with similar conditions, which will still offer some of the off trail lines that make you work for it, but still increase the fun factor over the machine worked runs.  Here is a shot of the top of the Little Cloud Chair waiting the grand opening on the first of December.  The larger area here makes it much more spacious with more room to stay clear of the clutter.  Nice.   See you there for the first Boat.   IBBY!!

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