11-20-12 by dave

It was a beautiful day with the Sun shining and a stiff South breeze blowing which was transporting snow in a very nice fashion.   The early morning flat light was a given, but as the Sun rose up the visibility became perfect and revealed these long lines of wind deposited snow on sections of the hill that kept freshening every run.  That is some of the best skiing you will find anywhere with a quality that was worth making extra turns to get the most out of it.  The snow pack is consolidating and becoming more consistent with the groomers offering some real velvet.  The snow guns are working in various parts of the hill, covering the hill with some very nice gun powder.  Tomorrow, look for another fun day with more of the same creamy conditions and rapid up hill access.   I will be visiting the Mother Ship for a couple of days, but I will be posting using my on the hill contacts for exact information.    I am slowly getting in shape and these conditions are perfect for maximum laps and turn reps.  I have also been loving the carve ability of the snow pack, which lets you dig deep for goodness.   See you Saturday for more excitement.

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    Wind Buffed Wowza

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