1-05-13 by dave

It was another day of ripping good lines with warmer temps up high and bright Sun to illuminate the dance floor.  The conditions have been improving daily despite the no snow pattern, as the traffic and consolidation have been smoothing the existent pack.  The interference patterns are developing higher amplitude only on the steep high traffic areas, but they still offer round lines if you choose wisely.  The Snow Guns continue to pour it on, making those little pools of goodness worth a visit.  Still be cognizant of some of the slick spots that crop up on the lower groomed runs as they get worked by the traffic.  Traffic continues to be light, and some achievers are hitting above 20 Trams a day, but you have to keep the pace to keep the schedule dialed.  That is too many Boats for me and my knees at this stage, but I salute the crew that hits the hill that hard.  When I was flying around out in mineral Basin yesterday



I could not help but appreciate the opportunity to have such an expanse of terrain to throw down on.  Tomorrow, look for another great day of bright Sun, smooth Groomers, and interesting lines off trail.  Be sure to look for the those wind deposited lines from a few days ago that are still holding the smooth dry chalky feel.  These lines do not often hold up this long, so it is very nice to have these lines stand up for days on end.  Here is a shot of that Speed Flier yesterday powered up and ready to launch with the canopy glowing rainbow colors.  Nice!   Ciao!

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