1-04-13 by dave


It was another beautiful morning with still brisk but significantly warmer temps to keep the snow preserved and cold.  The Groomers were buffed on all sides of the hill offering some of the sweetest cruising of the season.   The light traffic made the lines and the hill wide open and the great visibility made it possible to uncork it and smooth out some  ripping runs.   Mineral Basin was perfect with the lower White Diamonds section buffed out with a direct line to the Baldy Express for a big back side loop extravaganza.  The terrain features and gullies over there had some smooth lines to link together.   Tomorrow, look for another great day of smooth ripping.   The conditions may not be deep, but these clear wide open days are a form of excellence that those who are waiting for a dump are missing out on some serious goodness.   I expect a smooth running day again, so get there early for the untracked groomers to let you experience another form of perfection.  I will be off tomorrow getting ready for another week of fun and excitement.   Here is a shot of  a speed DSC01172fly-er launching off the peak into some smooth air.   See you on Sunday.   Peace Out!!

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