1-03-13 by dave

The computer ate my last attempt at this post so I am writing this again.  There is no telling what happened to the last one.   This morning  was nicely warmer than yesterday as the inversion sets up with the peak feeling balmy in the morning Sun.  Mineral Basin was the place to be with the bright Sun and the leftover smooth lines of wind deposited snow which stood up for most of the day to the traffic that found it without having to look far.  I was lapping that bit of goodness all morning long.   Baldy Express was uncrowded and felt like a private ski resort all morning long as I mixed in laps there with the big line of the day.  I went looking to see what was up out and about, finding widespread interference patterns, some breakable slab, but some very fun adventures as dealing with lots of different consistencies was a test of quickness and finesse.  Tomorrow, look for continued warming and Mineral Basin offering the best call for the morning session.  It is fun to look around the variety of lines in the outlaying areas, but be ready for variations which will demand all of your bag of tricks.  The traffic is quite light so back to back Trams are easy, though you have to keep the pace to make each one as they are running the cycles briskly.  Here is a shot of a wind affected section of the hill that seemed abstract.   See you in the AM for first Boat!!DSC01159

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