1-06-13 by dave

It was another great day of ripping, though there was a cloud deck that obscured the Sun, making the details washout in flat light.  In the early hour of the morning the Sun did shine nicely in Mineral Basin,



and I took advantage of the visibility to check the Warp engines on the vacant lines that were available out there.  The clouds moved back in shortly, so I worked the front side of the hill to get some big laps in.  Regulator was a bit firm with just a light dusting on it as the wind was blowing the Gun Powder off the main run.  The Grooming crew did a great job of smoothing the dance floor and driving a fast line was based on trusting the buffage.  The off trail continues to improve as lines redevelop in some of the High North aspects and the wind buffed sections are still holding the smooth, so going looking for the goods will pay off with smooth sliding.  MMMMM GOOOOD!  Tomorrow will provide more of the same wall to wall, but the visibility will still be the wild card, though there should be no fog to make the flat light more difficult.    It will be a very quite morning which will offer wide open ripping all morning.  With luck, we could see some  Sun.  It is still a bit brisk despite the inversion, so dress for a cool morning, but it should warm up again in the afternoon.   I reference ” The Chef”  time and again, and I caught up with his freight train pace long enough to snap this shot of His Chefness with Tymp. in the background.  He is an elusive sort, so I felt lucky to get him to stand still long enough to get this portrait.  He Cooks!!!  See you in the AM!!! IBBY!!

2 Responses to “FLAT LIGHT”

  1. Krizia says:

    Elk filets at The Chef’s house last night. Best meal ever!


  2. Jason says:

    Missed the last couple of days do thanks for the intel. I’ll make good use of it in the morning. Carry on!

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