6-10-11 by dave

That rain and snow yesterday resurfaced the snow pack, making Mineral basin sweet and sunny right out of the chute.  Even though we had a solid freeze overnight, there was a granular carvaciousness on most aspects. Granted the West facing was still fairly firm, but Regulator was offering some very nice turns as well.  I followed the Sun and was rewarded by some really exquisite corn, that is truly like you would get way out in the back country.  The Tram opened for ski traffic today, and it was really nice to have clear windows, plus the fact of the quick laps to the peak that the Tram gives you.  The crevasses that I mentioned yesterday are widening, and you should be on the look out for them as you do the traverses, especially near the rock outcroppings, but they are also evident some distance from the rocks, so use caution.  Tomorrow, look for the break  to go off a touch earlier, with Mineral Basin offering softness on the East faces on first Tram.  Following the Sun is key again, leaving the West faces to break last as it did today.  The High North is still looking good, with the entrances still full and presenting no obstacles; just wait for the good softening, though today the North was quite approachable from the early Tram.  The Bottom of the hill is still a tad bouncy, though they did Groom Upper Silver Fox, making that bit of goodness very fun.  See you there early. IBBY!!!  Here is a shot of the out bound corn areas.  MMM Good!! BOARDER LANDS

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  1. M.J. says:

    Hi Dave, Thanks for your tips on the conditions,and turning left first run. How good was that? What a corn frenzy, start to finish. It was good to see you. Mark

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