6-09-11 by dave

Little Cottonwood Creek was really running with gusto today as I drove up to get a look at the hill, signaling the continued return of the snowpack to the CYCLE.  Up on the hill there was rain and hail falling, with the peak shrouded in clouds, but the snow pack is still holding up in fine condition.  There is some distinct evidence of the melt off now, with some of the high spots, where big willows grow being the first to poke through.  The main runs are still fully covered, though the tracks from last weekend are still in evidence, and no new cover to give the snow pack a fresh surface.  Up high, there is still a full compliment of cover, but the South facing aspects are going to show some melt off.  Be careful near rock outcroppings, as there are crevasse hazards along some of the traverses underneath these features.  The weather is looking good, with only some afternoon showers developing later in the day, and warm temps to thaw out the pack.  After today’s cold high altitude temps. I think that the freeze will have set things up quite solidly, so the timing on the break might be delayed a bit.  Look for the 9:30 AM window for the beginning of the round the dial goodness.  The Canyon is looking very green as you drive up, with the aspens getting the leaves out, looking fresh and new.


The Tram should be available for uphill traffic from the indications I got from operations, but the Peruvian Chair will not be open.  See you there for the fun.   IBBY!!

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