6-05-11 by dave

The softening began to go off at 9:00 AM again this morning, though the East facing Groomer out on Powder Paradise was satin velvet as soon as I got there.  I lapped that piece of luxury 3 times before heading to the Forklift Chair to await the softening on the other aspects.  It was very balmy this morning, with the heat wave hitting you in the face as soon as you walked out of the Tunnel.  It was going to go off fast and it did, but the West facing held off until Noon, when Regulator offered some really fun lines down the Groomer and some good lines toward the right and left of center.  Good all over.  There were a lot of folks on the hill, but the lines did not back up at all, so maximum vertical was no problem.  The Sun really started baking the snow pack and my face, and it was a good thing I remembered to take my visor to keep the rays off.  I got lobsterfied yesterday, and was putting Aloe on my face continually to soothe the burn.  Ouch!!  The far reaches were offering some great back country corn goodness, and I just pretended that I had hiked for it, sipping the succulence of each turn.  Yum!!!  I  have had my eye on one of  the big rarities for sometime now, and today was the day, so despite my knee fatigue,

Memorial Buttress

I made the stroll to the high point and got it all.  There is perfection in all kinds of conditions, and this was as good as it gets.  Here is a shot of that bit of Awesomenicity looking back up at the fully fat exposure.  It is very rare to be able to get it good.  Oh yes it is, and it was!!!   I will be posting later in the week to give a heads up.  Stay tuned.   IBBY!!!

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