6-11-11 by dave

As anticipated, the snow pack never froze last night, leaving the first runs of the day soft and carve-able.  The Grooming Crew did a nice job re tilling the already worked areas to deal with any  crustiness, but it was not necessary.  I went out in search of some supportable corn, only to find that yesterday’s gold was today’s breakable slab.  I bailed immediately to preserve the surface for a possible over night freeze, though that seems a


bit of a stretch.  As the morning warmed further, the sticky factor became an issue by 10:30 AM, and all of the off trail sections were punchable, which required the super wide skis to deal effectively with the punchability .  As those skis have significantly large surface area, that extra is just that much more to stick, so I opted for a more middle of the road stick.  The coverage is still very good, though there is some very evident melt off on the lower section of the hill, with some large holes opening from the run off underneath undermining the pack.  They are obvious, but keep that in mind as you get to the very bottom.  I have seen some folks get really slammed down hard by the sticky spots, sending them over the handle bars RIGHT NOW!!   If it starts getting sticky, it is wise to slow down a bit to better deal with the radical deceleration.  Your skis stop at high speed, your body is going to keep on going leaving your  skis behind.  Doh!!!  Because today was so punchable, be aware that there may be some real trenches on the open off trail sections, so be aware of some interference in that regard.  Here is a shot of the Blue Tram with it’s shinny new windows.  It is so bright in there I have to wear shades.   Ciao!!

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  1. Jack says:

    Thanks for the updates. Catch and release seems to be the order of the day. The Blue Box looks nice with the new windows. Might have to settle for a hike into Tucks to keep up with your carves. Enjoy the Cycles. Jack in Maine

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