1-07-16 by dave

As anticipated, there was a very nice over night accumulation of Essence that was the real deal Utah light.  Even though the report was only 4”, the combination of recent accumulation over that last days, and some wind transport of product, made for some real knee deep lines that were smooth and free of any rumble at all.  The delayed opening of Mineral Basin let me get some very nice lines down the front side of the hill, and then get the line drop for the Basin.  That was a real double bonus for the morning.  All of the hill was offering similar goodness with little in the way of static, though there were a couple new spots that opened that were still feeling the reverberations of some of those rime event layers.  No real issues there, but could be felt non the less.  Here is a shot of the morning Sun trying to make a break for it.  DSC03356Very light traffic on the hill made this a real sleeper powder day, and I took advantage of the slow pace to get some very nice un tracked lines that were still holding up when I left them for others to find.  Folks have been coming here from elsewhere to get the goods as they are delivered.  Here is a shot of J2 from Beaver Creek, who joined the Morning Crew for the Forklift DSC03357traditional breakfast gathering.  She was really stoked to get such great conditions with no real pressure on the hill.  While the interference patterns are still holding up in the high traffic areas, the cushion is markedly improved, making working your way through the troughs much easier.  Tomorrow, look for a bit more accumulation to work though, so we will have to wait and see what shakes out.  You can be assured that it is going to be great anywhere you go on the hill. DSC03358 Here is one of the new photographers who is working with Powder Shots.  Erica was excited to be on deck and was getting her locker set up for the season.  You  can see the stoke in her eyes.  Check the road conditions in the AM for restrictions, as the forecast is for a tricky commute.  Speed Safely!!

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