1-08-16 by dave

More Fluffulescence covered the dance floor overnight, adding up yet another layer to this week’s daily installments.  The Faithful were on deck for the early Trams, but were dispersed quickly, leaving walk on Trams all day long.  Out in Mineral Basin, the push was for the big wide open pitches after the rope drop, with hoots and ecstatic hollering that could be heard continually as the Faithful were rewarded with real deal Utah Light.  I opted to work the Lewis and Clark area for the un tracked lines that were there for the taking as everyone was otherwise occupied.  Here is a shot of my tracks down the center pitch that I have been waiting to fill in sufficiently.  DSC03366While the off trail was excellent wall to wall, the Groomers were offering some off the chart sensual carpets that demanded full attention to the unreal quality.  Here is a shot of a pristine line of corduroy for your consideration.  The Sun was out for the early runs, but became shrouded as clouds and snow fall filled in the day.  I am glad I got these early runs as they really capped off DSC03363the day even as it was getting started.  All day long the conditions remained excellent as the snow quality remained consistent with the still cold temps.  Tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation of the righteous Utah Light to kick off the day.  The quality will remain good all day long, and you can still expect some weather to be part of the mix.  Dress for the cold, but the temps. are not nearly as cold as a week ago.  I am pealing the tip of my nose now from the frost bite that got me during that spell.    The Summit at Hidden Peak is still amazing me as I see it from different vantage points.  Here is a shot of the East facing stair case that hangs out over the air.  DSC03362It is great having the Bird on the move and looking forward to the next stage of life.  Plans were just released for the expansion into Mary Ellen Gulch, which is next in line for the Bird experience.  I will look forward to all of this as we move ahead.  Peace Out!!

4 Responses to “ADDING UP”

  1. Pickle says:

    Glad to see that Dads skiing lessons are still paying the off .

  2. Bob Sawyer says:

    Hi Dave, Love your blog! Sorry to hear about your frostbitten nose. Try my Facesaver Mask, it can really help on those super cold days. Maybe you have seen them around the resort. They are for sale at Christy Sports and through my website,
    Thanks and Happy Skiing!

  3. dave says:

    Thanks Bob for the heads up, but I actually have one of those in the locker, but I dressed for how I wanted it to be and was found wanting. That will teach me. But I do now have some new shiny skin after I rubbed it all off. I will keep it handy just in case next time.

  4. dave says:

    Indeed so my brother. I think he would be proud of those turns there. He was carving long before anyone knew what is was all about.

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