1-09-16 by dave

It was clear and cold this morning as the clouds had moved off to the East, leaving the high elevations clear and the Valley shrouded in low hanging fog.  Fresh Groomers were off the chart smooth after all the new snow, and the off trail is feeling good wall to wall.  Those high traffic areas are still sporting those interference patterns, but the new snow is cushioning the ride, and the lines through are long and carve-able.  Later in the day, the Valley clouds began to work up the Canyon, which caused some visibility issues.   My friend Mark sent me this shot of a his sonphoto 1-1holding open a hyper dimensional portal just before they stepped through to the OTHER SIDE.  Funny things happen at high altitude here in the Wasatch.   The weather is expected to improve over the next few days, so we can expect good visibility and great turning on the heals of that last cycle.  Tomorrow, look for the fresh Groomers to be unreal and as consistent as one could wish.  The entire hill is open now that things have settled down.  I will be continuing my recon work in the far reaches, seeing how things are shaping up in those places that I have  been putting on hold.  I did go out to the far side of Little Cloud yesterday, but I just could not see through the deep fog, and just had to get off the hill as best I could.  Here is a great shot of my DSC03371friend Casey that I took in the locker room as we compared notes on our sojourn out in the abyss.  We both had our exciting times finding our way out of the lines we chose.  She is still smiling and had a great day.  See you for the first Bucket in the AM.  Stay Frosty!!

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  1. Becky says:

    Skyler!!!! Yea for the rally with your dad:) Love all the pics.

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