1-06-16 by dave

The visibility was challenging once again this morning, but that did not dissuade the Morning Crew as we headed out into the Abyss of Mineral Basin once again.  Visibility improved below the first couple hundred feet, and we were greeted with another 4 inches of sumptuous Essence covering the dance floor.  I put a line right down the middle gut that had been getting a lot of traffic  recently, but found it to be nicely filled in and as smooth as you would want.  The Groomers out there were covered with the goods as well, and you could do no wrong on the perfect carpets.  We wrapped numerous laps out there despite the vis. and then began working the front of the hill, where sweet frosting greeted  us top to bottom.  Here, again, you could do no wrong on the super consistent lines that had been prepared.  Off trail was much better today, with nice cushion buffering the interference patterns.  Here is a shot of a frozen shrubbery, that is living at the top of the Baldy Chair.DSC03354  Snow continued all day, and the conditions continued to improve as the light accumulation kept adding to the cushion.  A fair breeze filled in a lot of the tracks, and I found fresh lines aplenty after I came out of the Breakfast Break.  Tomorrow, look for some more significant accumulation to be on tap as it is raining briskly here at the Trailer with a constant patter on the aluminum skin.  I will sleep well tonight to that sound.  The hill is in great shape wall to wall, and you will find nice lines were ever you go now.  Dress for storm riding as this system is slow moving and should continue all day.  Traffic should be light once again in the AM., but I do not expect any real pressure to be backing things up.  See you there for the freshness.  See the line, Be the line!!

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