10-20-13 by dave

High pressure has moved back into the region, leaving us in a dry pattern with warming daytime temps and a forecast that will remain the same for while.  Folks have been making turns up on the higher elevations, but the lower elevations are too thin to deal with.  The pattern will change and give us the cover we need to get this party stated.  In the mean time the Tram Crew has been busy replacing the Haul Cables in preperation for the season.  This process brings an interesting situation, where both Trams are parked in the lower dock.  This is a very rare sight indeed as it only happens when they do this change out.  I have no idea how this is accomplished, but they were working hard on the project with some very fancy pulling purchases and full court press on the work at hand.  Fun to watch from a distance.  Soon we will be rocking the laps getting the kinks out and dialing in the stoke.  Hope you are ready for fun.  Be sure to get your copy of Snowbird Secrets today, and get a psychic jump on the season.  IBBY!!DSC01604DSC01606

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