10-05-13 by dave

I took a Tram to the peak today and I thought I would just give a quick report on the new installment.  The hill looks very nice all flocked with fresh Essence,-21 but there is just enough to cover the ground and there is no real accumulation to speak of, with the exception of the Upper Silverfox section that seems to have received some wind accumulation.  It was great to see the return of the Essence from it’s long cycle to once again deliver a fresh new  season of Goodness.  Here is a shot taken by my friend Dave Askew, who hiked up yesterday and got this look at the new freshness with the Peak Terminal backed by clear blue sky.  Looks so good to see the pristine  addition to the hill to kick things off.  I have not seen a forecast for the last couple of days, but I am hoping we are in a regular pattern, so the momentum will keep building.  Thanks for the shot Dave.  IBBY!!!

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