11-03-13 by dave

The Trailer is all set up for the Winter, with the antenna array dialed into the different Galactic Feeds, so I am good to go as we move into these last days before the season begins.  There have been several accumulation events this past month, and folks have made their way up to the higher elevations to get some freshness. Still, it is a bit thin for me to think about venturing up that high, so I will wait for the hill to open. I took a Tram ride up the other day to get a look at the hill up close and personal, and while there are some nice filled in lines, the cover is still sparse overall, but it is encouraging.   First person reports of the quality up high are encouraging, though it seems there is a bit of a zipper crust that has developed.  DSC01611DSC01619 Here are two shots of the hill to give you an idea of what is up there after the last storm.  The Gad 2 chair is now installed, and they will be doing load testing in the next while, so it seems to be on schedule to be ready for the season’s festivities.  We seem to be getting back to that Winter weather pattern, so with some positive visualizations we can get the Powder Vortex powered up and get us a fat base for the opener.  Stay tuned for updates as I get them and get ready for fun.  IBBY!!


  1. John says:

    Hey Dave,
    I am coming to Snowbird for my first time ever for a conference next week. What does the guru say about skiing on some legendary Utah essence somewhere, anywhere, somehow on the 15th or 16th?
    Thanks from the (not yet) Great White North,

  2. Peter Marcy says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you in person at the Porcupine this afternoon. I enjoy reading your blog and love the idea of what you do. It was encouraging to make some turns at Solitude today and I await the opening of Snowbird and Alta. Maybe I’ll see you up there in the coming weeks. Pray for snow

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